Frequently Asked Questions
What needs doing before I can start Construction
  • Eliminate whether or not a Planning Application is Required
  • If Planning Required appoint a competent person that is most suited for your project i.e.
    – Only Architecture required
    – Interior Remodel
    – Interior Design
    – 3D Visualisation
    – Exterior – Landscape
    – Design & Build etc.
  • Prepare Planning Drawings
    – Design & Access Statement if Required
    – Flood Risk Assessment etc.
    – Make sure that the appointed person deals and liaise with Planning Authority
    – Make amendments if required
    – Ultimately obtain the Planning Grant
  • Check the Condition of Your Gas Supply
  • Check the Condition of your Central Heating Arrangement and Installation – Contemplate a complete Removal Of Radiators and Pipe-work and Replace with New  CH Installation
  • Check Your Existing Boiler and Install new one if required
  • Select the Appropriate Boiler if Considering Under Floor Heating Installation as well as Hot Water Pressurised Cylinder Integration
  • If Enlarging Property Definitely Consider Hot Water Pressurised Cylinder 150-300l
  • Check the Condition of your Water Supply – Swap Lead for Blue pipe 25/32mm
  • Confirm the State Of Your Electrical Installation – Arrange to rewire and Install A New Consumer Unit
  • Check Location of Existing Gas and Electric Meter – Arrange relocation if required
  • Inspect current Manhole Location and arrange Build Over Agreement with Thames Water if and when required
  • Subsequently prepare working/detailed drawings, specification and structural calculations
  • Resolve Party Wall Matters
  • Appoint a Building Control Inspector
  • Choose Contractor
  • Commence construction

NB. Two main ingredients for success:

1. Appointment of Competent knowledgable Architectural Designer / Architect / Interior Designer etc. at The Front End (absolutely crucial)

2. Cheap Builder is “Expensive” – Think twice before you go ahead as this might backfire at a later stage – Could be very detrimental to the final outcome and also the resale value of the property – By “Saving” – 15K, you might lose 100K AT THE LATER STAGE.

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